Hop Culture Acquired By Next Glass, Inc.

A conversation that started in late summer 2020 culminated just a couple days after my 30th birthday with the sale of my baby, Hop Culture Magazine.

Pretty much everything I wanted to say about the deal, I wrote in a piece for the Hop Culture website, but you can get a little more color from this Forbes article, or this article on Good Beer Hunting. The former was written by Tara Nurin, and the latter by Kate Bernot; both are talented writers that brought some great insight into the story.

So check out those pieces if you want to learn more. But the long and short of it is, I wanted to grow my business, and I saw Next Glass as the perfect partner to make that happen. I approached them, they agreed with my assessment, and we put together a deal.

Since November 2020, I’ve been working as the Creative Director of Next Glass and have been enjoying the role immensely. It has been a tremendous learning experience even in a short amount of time, and I look forward to providing more updates soon!

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